Noblesville neighborhood cleaning up after storms

The wind ripped off the siding of this home on Glasgow Lane.
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Chris Proffitt/Eyewitness News

Noblesville - Home and business owners are cleaning up after Wednesday night's wave of severe thunderstorms. The storms brought large hail and high wind, plus torn roofs and toppled trees. The Arbor Grove neighborhood near SR 37 and Greenfield Ave. was hit especially hard.

The damage caused by fast-moving storms surprised residents who had run for cover hours earlier.

"It's so cliché but it sounded like a train. So as it hit, we all ran into a room against a concrete wall," said Matt Snyder, homeowner.

Witnesses say that the storm hit suddenly despite warnings on television and weather radios but sirens didn't sound until after the storm moved through.

"They thought it was a tornado but the sirens didn't go off until five to ten minutes later," said Amber Donahoe, homeowner.

The storm was powerful enough to turn over a playset and scatter shingles all over the yard. At least one person told us they thought they'd seen a funnel cloud prior to the storm blowing in.

The National Weather Service says that it wasn't a tornado that caused the damage, but the winds were strong enough to lift a carport and toss it over a block away, where it came to rest in some trees near a group of homes. Even small objects were turned into missiles, penetrating the siding of at least one home.

"It happened fast. By the time we got downstairs, I think it was over. It was that fast," said Pam Wesolek, homeowner.

By Thursday afternoon, insurance agents were preliminarily assessing losses with homeowners and contractors were leaving business cards, while many here marveled at the randomness of the damage.

"That house doesn't seem like its roof is as bad as the one over there," observed one man.

While no one was hurt and it appears that all homes are still livable, there is still disbelief at the power of a storm that came as went in a moment and left a lot of damage behind.

Most trees west of State Road 37 were blown down by a strong south wind. Trees and fences east of State Road 37 were blown down by strong west-southwest winds. This damage occurred at the lead edge of the storm, not the usual location at the rear of the storm where a tornado typically would form.

There were no reports of injuries.

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