Noblesville house fire caused by marijuana growing operation

Source: Noblesville Fire Dept.
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Noblesville firefighters putting out a house fire on State Road 32 Thursday night discovered a marijuana growing operation caused the blaze.

The fire run was called out at 9:50 p.m. to the 3200 block of Westfield Road in Noblesville.  

Homeowner Bruce Cornelius told authorities he heard something in the attic and saw a glow above the ceiling.  He tried to extinguish the fire himself before firefighters arrived.  They needed approximately 25 minutes to put out the fire.

Investigators determined the fire started near a heating element and exhaust unit that was used in a marijuana growing operation.  The Hamilton County Sheriff's Department removed approximately 30 plants from the house, but did not report any arrests as of early Friday morning.

The fire caused an estimated $139-thousand in damage. 

Nobody was hurt.