Noblesville head basketball coach issues an apology

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Noblesville High School Head Basketball Coach David McCollough had planned to meet with the media during a news conference on Saturday morning. However, he was ill and unable to make the news conference and the conference was canceled.

Here is Coach McCollough's statement to the media:

"An incident occurred at basketball practice earlier this week in which, out of frustration during a drill, I threw a basketball and the ball hit a player. My actions were unacceptable, and I greatly regret that I allowed this to happen. I am sorry and publicly apologize to my players, families, and fans. This is not the behavior that I want to model for my players, and it will not happen again. "

Noblesville High School has investigated the report. This is a personnel matter and no further information will be released by the athletic department, the high school, or Noblesville Schools.