Noblesville family sticks to plan during severe storms

The Stewart family has a severe weather plan at their home.

The time to get ready for severe storms is well before the weather starts to turn. The more prepared you are, the more weather-ready your family will be.

The Stewart family farm in Noblesville is a quiet place to enjoy the country breeze. Between three kids, horses, chickens, pigs and goats, Suzanne Stewart has her hands full and central Indiana's changing weather is never far from her mind.

"We've got our feelers up a lot," Stewart said. "We are avid news watchers, avid weather watchers, so if there is any signal whatsoever that there might be a sign, we keep the news on."

Her 13-year-old son, Jay Daniel, has a special interest in the weather.

"I just find it somewhat interesting, like, how can something be as beautiful as what you see in our background right now, be so destructive," he said. "I'm a scout. Our motto is 'Be Prepared'."

"We know exactly what to do, exactly where to go," Suzanne said. "It really cuts down on the anxiety that the kids have and that's really important, because we all stay calm."

Staying calm during weather warnings has become routine, because the Stewart family always heads to the cellar during tornado warnings. Everything they need is always in sight, including protective head gear.

"We get bike helmets, we get our pillows and our blankets, get the radios and glow sticks," said daughter Julianne.

Weather radios are the family's lifeline while they're waiting out the storm.

"It's a really good tool," said son Andrew. "I've got another one that runs just off the solar panel, then it has the crank."

"We listen to the radio to see what's happening, since we're not upstairs with the TVs," Julianne said.

They fill a bag with simple necessities, including a first aid kit and a whistle. The children grab games to help pass the time.

When the storm clears, it's back to farm business.

"Molly is the weather dog and she will let you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you're going to have any rain at all," Suzanne said.

Keeping a close eye on the forecast and knowing what to do when severe weather strikes could save your family.

A complete disaster kit should include food, medications and extra batteries.

Surviving the Storm