No more waiting for Rosco

Photo: Lost and found pets of Greater Lafayette
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Christmas came a week early for a Fountain County girl who got her missing dog back.

Wednesday, 10-year-old Madison Pritchard was reunited with her beloved dog Rosco, one month after he disappeared during the tornado that swept across the small town of Mellott.

Kyla Robinson says her family was at a baby shower in Crawfordsville when the tornado struck. They rushed home to find their home damaged and Rosco gone.

"The night it happened, (Madison) was devastated and just fell to the ground," Kyla said of Madison.

Rosco had been tied to a long chain that allowed him to sit on the front porch. The chain was broken.

"We looked in the barn, under the house, everywhere, just in case he was somewhere safe," Kyla said.

Rosco didn't have tags or any identification, so a man took him to the Clinton County Humane Society, 45 miles from home. Five days later, he was adopted by a woman looking for a companion for her senior dog.

The reunion is something Madison's mom feared she'd never see until several calls yesterday.

Madison and her family continued to look for Rosco, but feared he was dead. Then a neighbor posted his picture online and they were able to track him down, but his new owner initially didn't want to give him up.

The woman said she had lost her husband and another dog in the past year, so she's been having a tough time. Her children had already bonded to Rosco, making the decision even tougher.

"I'm just so thankful she understands how much my daughter loves Rosco that she's willing to give him up," Kyla Robinson, Madison's mom, said. "I understand why she wouldn't want to give him back because I would struggle too, but I'm so glad she did."

For Madison, the reunion couldn't come soon enough. Rosco greeted her with enthusiasm and doggy kisses, and obviously had never forgotten his family.

"I wish he could talk to me and tell me what happened," Madison said.

Eyewitness News rode with the family part of the way home. Rosco seemed to know exactly where he was going. Since Madison took the day off from school, they have all day to play.

Robinson did agree to reimburse the woman the $275 she paid in fees and other costs associated with adopting Rosco. She said she's not upset with the woman nor the Humane Society. She's just happy to get Rosco home and in time for Christmas.

The Humane Society is working with the woman who adopted Rosco to help her family find another pet.