No ID yet on body found in Montgomery County trailer

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Police have not been able to identify a body found in a Montgomery County trailer Monday.

An autopsy determined that the body was that of a middle-aged white male. His body, which was partially decomposed and fully clothed, was found in a trailer at 8139 East County Road 900 South near Ladoga.

The state of the body prevented positive identification, and toxicology results are pending. While police say there were no immediate signs of foul play, that has not been ruled out.

The investigation, which will include DNA testing to determine the man's identity, could take a few more weeks to complete. Police say they have an idea of who it might be, but are not releasing his name.

A relative who was trying to salvage scrap metal from the trailer made the discovery on Sunday. Police determined that on June 10th, the trailer was brought to Ladoga from 215 N. 6th St. in Clinton.