No charges in Indianapolis boy's day care death

Juan Cardenas
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So far, grieving father Juan Cardenas says no one can give him any answers about how his son, Juan Carlos, ended up drowning in a baptismal pool at his day care at Praise Fellowship Assembly of God.

"I know we found his body, but I don't know what happened to my son, and that's painful," says Cardenas.

Detectives say the toddler became separated from his caregivers and no one noticed he was gone until a speech therapist showed up to work with him. That's when they found the boy underwater inside the church sanctuary.

"They were getting paid to take care of my son and somebody was responsible for my son and somebody's supposed to watch my son," says Cardenas.

Even more painful for Cardenas is learning that the Marion County Prosecutor's office decided that no crime was committed. That means no one at the day care where Juan Carlos died will face any criminal charges.

"It's a horrible circumstance, but not every horrible circumstance is a crime," says Denise Robison with the Marion County Prosecutor's office.

Robison says the only criminal charge they considered was neglect.

"They have to knowingly or intentionally place the dependent in a life-threatening situation," says Robison of what's needed to file a neglect charge. The prosecutor's office didn't find evidence to support such a charge.

"How can they say that?" asks Cardenas. "If that happens to us and he's in our home, I don't think we would be talking, I would be in jail," he adds.

Cardenas says it wasn't like his boy to wander away. "He didn't like to be alone," Cardenas says of Juan Carlos. "I have no idea how he even got there," he said.

If anyone knows, even police, they're not telling Cardenas. "We've been calling them and trying to get some answers," he says. Cardenas says he can't get a call back.

"I just feel left out, like I'm a nobody," he says. "I want to stay in bed all day. I wanna cry all day. I don't know how to start my life without my son," Cardenas says of the grief.



No one will face charges in the death of a one-year-old boy who died at a church daycare.

Juan Cardenas drowned two weeks ago in a baptismal pool at the church on the northwest side.

Employees lost track of the boy at the daycare at Praise Fellowship Assembly of God. They found Cardenas submerged in the pool. He later died at the hospital.

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