Nike shoe release at Greenwood Park Mall delayed


Police were called to the Greenwood Park Mall overnight to disperse a crowd waiting for the release of the Nike Foamposite Galaxy at Foot Locker.

The launch of the sneakers was originally set for midnight, but police feared the crowds could become unruly. There were no arrests, but Foot Locker agreed with Greenwood Police to call off their midnight sale.

One person claimed that someone was hit with a stun gun, but police said that was an exaggeration. Greenwood Police say no one was hit with a stun gun, although someone tried to crash the line.

The release of the shoe was pushed back to 8:00 am. Security was stationed around the mall and a line formed at the entrance between Sears and Dick's Sporting Goods. 

Crowds began to return to the mall around 5:00 am and were given tickets. Police were on hand to make sure everything remained calm.

Back in December, a stampede broke out at Lafayette Square Mall in Indianapolis for a midnight sale of Retro Air Jordans. Similar situations have happened across the country as well.