Nighttime choppers create buzz around Bloomfield

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There's a huge buzz in Bloomfield in Greene County about exactly what was buzzing overhead Tuesday night.

"It woke me up out of a dead sleep. I sat up and said, 'What is that?'," said Jean Buckner.

At the local IGA store in Bloomfield, everyone was talking about it.

"Everyone that's heard 'em said it shook their whole house," said a man leaving the grocery store.

"It sounded like these huge, great big earth movers they use when they build a highway. That's what I thought," said Greene County Emergency Management Director Roger Axe.

Even outside of town, it created a stir.

"It was definitely strange, you know," said Linda Moore.

So strange someone posted a dark video on Facebook. Some tiny lights and the roar of helicopter engines. One person is heard on the video commenting, "there's two Blackhawks and one has the lights off."

"I heard one about two weeks ago, but it had lights on. This one I didn't see any lights," Moore, who lives a few miles outside of Bloomfield.

Laddie and Linda Moore have had some bad experiences with low-flying choppers. Two years ago, one flew so low it flattened six acres of corn in a field, causing nearly $4,000 in damage.

"I don't know how they can justify coming in on somebody's property and just knocking their corn down and not paying for it," Moore said.

The problem is no one knows where the helicopters are from or what they're up to.

"(It's a real concern) if someone flies into a house or there's an accident," Axe said. "You've got people that are in helicopters flying low at night with no lights on. That's a cocktail for trouble."

Potential trouble that, at the very least, is unnerving.

"I don't know where they came from or where they were headed to, but they were definitely out flying," said Moore.

Late this afternoon, Eyewitness News discovered those choppers were practicing safety procedures, which is why they may have been so low with their lights off. They are assigned to the 160th Special Operations Airborne Regiment based in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. An officer from the unit apologized for any inconvenience and said they will try to notify the public ahead of future exercises.