NFL player Tandon Doss arrested in Indianapolis

Tandon Doss

NFL player Tandon Doss was arrested in Indianapolis Wednesday for disorderly conduct.

Doss, who plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars, was arrested by Indianapolis Metro Police on Dandy Trail Wednesday afternoon.

A police report says the 24-year-old Doss was "out of control" and arrested during a disturbance with another man Wednesday afternoon.

The Marion County prosecutor's office tells Eyewitness News that they do not intend to press charges, however.

Two men told an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officer the driver of a black Dodge was following them. They said that they wanted to avoid any problems and asked the officer to talk to the driver. The officer walked to the car and asked what was going on.

The driver identified as Tandon Doss was on the phone yelling. The officer asked again what was going on. According to police, Doss was very upset and started yelling at the officer.

The officer ordered him to place the car in park and shut the engine off. Doss reportedly refused. Due to the traffic jam, there was no place for him to go. The officer once again ordered him to turn off the engine. He reportedly refused and kept yelling into the phone.

The officer requested his license, but Doss refused, according to police. The officer saw him drop his right hand to the center of the seat and for his own safety, ordered him to keep his hands where he could see them. Doss reportedly did not follow the officer's orders.

Police removed Doss from the vehicle and took him into custody. A Marion County Sheriff's Deputy transported Doss to the APC where he was booked on a charge of disorderly conduct.

Since then, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry has decided that he will not follow through with any formal charges against Tandon Doss.

Doss played for the Baltimore Ravens for the past two seasons. He recently signed a two-year deal with the Jaguars worth $1.5 million and received a $65,000 signing bonus, according to ESPN.

Doss attended Ben Davis High School and Indiana University.