Newtown survivors will play key role in investigation

Lt. Vance
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Police say two people who were shot in Friday's school shooting incident survived, and they will play an integral part in the investigation when they recover. Both had wounds to the lower extremities.

Lt. Paul Vance with Connecticut State Police spoke to reporters Monday about last week's deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Two of the 20 children killed in that attack were laid to rest Monday. Six adults also died at the school trying to stop the gunman and save the students.

Police are providing assistance at each victim's funeral this week, and Vance said the grieving families have asked for privacy.

Vance said both crime scenes - the school itself and the home of gunman Adam Lanza - will be guarded indefinitely as police continue their investigation.

Nancy Lanza, 52, was shot in the head at the home she shared with her 20-year-old son at the outset of the incident Friday morning. Police believe Lanza then went to the school, where he shot his way in, and began moving through classrooms shooting teachers and children. His victims were mostly six- and seven-year-olds. He took his own life as he heard police moving in.

Contrary to initial reports, Nancy Lanza did not work at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It's now believed she had no connection to the school.

According to Lt. Vance, investigators have seized "significant evidence" at the Lanza home, and said analyzing it would be a painstaking process.

Vance also said that two threats of violence against the church that hosted a prayer vigil over the weekend will be "thoroughly and completely investigated" by state and federal agencies.

While he couldn't offer detailed answers to many reporter questions, Vance said, "We definitely are peeling that onion back layer by layer. There's a team that are working with AFT and other authorities to make sure no stone is left unturned."