Newtown residents overwhelmed by acts of kindness


In response to the tragedy in Newtown, people are committing random acts of kindness in honor of the shooting victims. It started with a tweet from Ann Curry of NBC News.

People in Newtown are receiving acts of kindness from around the world, and across the country, people are benefiting from the movement to bring kindness into our lives.

"A lot of people. It's not just one. It's like 100, 1,000 people called. From all over, California, Alabama, Texas," said Maxeline Ramos, Newtown General Store manager.

People are using compassion and kindness to fight senseless violence.The store has been overwhelmed with the generosity of strangers calling in with donations. They're buying coffee, donuts and sandwiches for residents in Newtown and candy for the children.

"Thirty calls today with people donating to random customers throughout the town or the police department," said Meghan Bombro, Carminuccio's Pizza.

Many of these kind gestures are going towards the first responders, and even the town's small funeral home.

"Yesterday we have donations for the cops and first responders people,' said Ramos.

"We just got a call from Arizona. They want to donate $1,000 worth of pizza to anyone that walked through the door," said Bombro.

The random acts are coming together in a social movement. People are sharing their good deeds on Twitter with the #26acts or #20acts hashtag. Ann Curry's tweet is now going viral.

It's going beyond Newtown. People are paying it forward everywhere, from putting money into a stranger's expired meter to gifts and help for the homeless.

People from as far away as Indonesia and Austria have called the Newtown General Store with donations. They're taking inspiration from pain and anguish, and they're proving there is more good in the world than bad.