New Year's Eve, Indianapolis style

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With only hours to go before the new year, revelers around town spent the final moments of 2012 celebrating by dancing and drinking.

"Just the people and the music and excitement and fun," said one couple, celebrating at the Hyatt.

The party there saw hundreds of couples, all of them, waiting for the countdown to midnight and a chance to seal the start of 2013 with a kiss.

"Always the midnight kiss, yeah always," said one man hugging his wife.

"Being here with the one I love," said Terry Turner as he kissed his wife. "That's the best thing of all."

At the Indiana State Museum, it wasn't so much about the kiss at midnight. Some of the people there, like the kids and some parents, planned to be asleep by then. Instead, it was all about the kids and the clowns.

"You have lots of kids activities and we wouldn't want to be without our kids on New Years Eve," said mom Dale Cox.

Moms and Dad started the New Year off with their children.

"My wife and I went out last night by ourselves and so we came out tonight and brought the kids and are going to have a great time," added dad Scott Gunthner.

The Annual Family Friendly New Year's Eve Tradition drew hundreds to the museum, all of them looking to start the New Year as a family.

"Family's the most important thing that you have and to bring in the New Year with family, that's the best thing you want to do," said Walter Thomas.

Earlier in day, it was all about the resolution to be better in the new year.

"There's always just this sense as humans to improve, want to get better, want to strive to just be a better person," said Cara Hartman, a trainer at NIFS.

People hit the gym, getting a head start on their fitness goals.

"2016 Rio is my New Year's Resolution," said Khyran Shank, who said he wasn't working out to get in better shape, he said he's already training to compete in Track and Field in the next Summer Olympics.

"You know a whole lot of people say I have New Year's resolutions," said Shank. "You know, lose weight, get in the gym, but it has to start with you first. You have to go and do it yourself."

Even if 2013 didn't start out with a resolution, a party or even a kiss though, people still have the next 365 days to get there.