New snow covers treacherous roadways


The danger on the roads after a new coating of snow isn't always the threat you see, it's the one you don't see.  Following a new layer of fresh-fallen snow, 2012 went out with a wreck at 86th and Michigan. A pickup plowing into a passenger car.

A new coat of New Years snow covers an old danger beneath. "It ices up and stays that way," said one motorist New Years Eve. "Not enough salt in the neighborhoods," said another, describing conditions, "really iced-up now."

Secondary and neighborhood streets were plowed by the city and contractors. But unsalted, the snow got packed down and is now like an ice skating rink.

Dust off the top layer of new snow and you find the ice. We chipped into it with a tool and found it close to an inch thick in one place.

"You can't see it," said one woman of the ice. "When I do leave home (in this weather) it's always a concern for me," she said.

Your stopping distance is shortened even at low speed. Even with anti-lock brakes, you can't be sure where a sliding car will end up.

"With all the intoxicated people out on the roads - just be careful," said one maintenance worker at a shopping center. He knows about melting ice from sidewalks and roadways.

Nurse Linda Floyd said, "I just feel more comfortable being home tonight."  That comes after what she's seen in her emergency room career when alcohol meets ice, "If you could stay at home, I would recommend that."

Because the threat is just under that pretty white covering of snow.