New scam targets job seekers

Tim Maniscalo, Better Business Bureau
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Scam artists are preying on people looking for work.

The "Sage Group," which claims to be located in Greenfield, promises jobs but they really just want to steal your money. They troll popular job websites to find job seekers and may even take their potential victims through an interview process to further the ruse, according to Tim Maniscalo with the Better Business Bureau. After sending an offer letter and the victim accepts the work-from-home job, the Sage Group will send a check for supplies which the victim is told to buy from a vendor that is really the Sage Group.

The reason this scam has been so successful is because the scammers use elements of legitimate companies. There is a real Sage Group based in the United Kingdom though, again, the scammers claim to be based out of Greenfield, Ind. The cashier's check they send their victims for supplies is actually fraudulent, but will often bear the name of a real bank. Because of that, it could take the victim's bank a few days to figure it out. Once they do, though, they will take the value of the check out of the victim's account leaving them on the hook for the money they wired for "supplies."

The Better Business Bureau has gotten 25 calls regarding this scheme.

To protect yourself from this scam and others like it, the BBB recommends you never give out your personal information like your social security number or bank account number before you are hired. If you are asked to deposit a check and wire money, be cautious because once you wire the money - it's gone. If a bad check is deposited, you may have to pay additional charges. If you ever deposit a check you suspect may be connected to a scheme like this, you should notify your bank immediately.