New roundabout to improve race-day traffic

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In recent years, the town of Speedway has made great strides to improve its image with a major upgrade to Main Street. There are new businesses and a new look.

Now, the biggest upgrade of all — re-configuring the major intersection of 16th Street and Crawfordsville Road and Georgetown Road and turning it into a roundabout.

"This will create a very prominent gateway to the greatest racing venue in the world," said Scott Harris, executive director of the Speedway Redevelopment Commission.

The biggest change is going to come to Georgetown Road. It's going to be capped off and will no longer run into the intersection, creating a big road block to a major thoroughfare.

"Closing down Georgetown is a big mistake for Speedway," said Teddy Szatkowski, who has owned the beauty salon on Main Street for more than 50 years.

She thinks the changes will make it harder for people to do business here.

"I have customers on Kessler Boulevard and they're all complaining already how are you going to get in here (and) how are you going to get into Main Street," Szatkowski said.

Speedway resident Bruce Johnson said it's really going to put more traffic in the neighborhood.

Johnson has lived in Speedway for about 35 years. While he's concerned about the influx of cars that will cut through from Georgetown, he can see the good in the other changes.

"I advocate for the roundabout — no lights," he said. "Carmel has got 'em, everybody's got 'em and we need to get up to date."