New polling places for 2012 election

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Decision 2012 may be more difficult than Marion County voters expected.

Tens of thousands of them will have to find a new place to vote. Scores of polling places were moved since last November.

First time voters, get to ring the bell. Long time voters, may get a different surprise election day.

More than one hundred polling places were moved since the last general election.

Voter, Carol Metzger, said, "I thought it was quite confusing. A number of my friends were saying this year is the first year they've been voting someplace different. We voted in the same place for 32 years."

Multiply her confusion times a couple of hundred thousand registered voters and Clerk Beth White's concerns sound justified.

Marion County Clerk Beth White says, "About a third of the voters in Marion County will be voting in a different place. Yeah, it's a lot right? What is that going to do election day? I think it's going to create confusion."

This is just one example. Last November all the people who came to School 107 to cast their ballots.

Next week will be voting at Northwest High School or about a mile away at the Northwest Baptist church.

To make it easier, the clerk is mailing post cards reminding voters of their polling places.

Voters can go to the internet and help themselves.

Voters living in Marion County can type their address in and within seconds know where they are voting. There are even pictures to make it easier to find.

Election officials hope voters hear the warnings, plan ahead, and make election day easier for everyone.

Those voter information post cards are expected to be mailed Monday.

The voter information website is up and running.