New plan outlines changes for IMPD


Rich Van Wyk/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - Changes described as difficult as "bending granite" are coming to the beleaguered Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Some of the plans have been discussed for weeks, while others are brand new. The 28-page plan was released Wednesday.

The city's police department is at a crucial tipping point on the scale of public's trust and confidence, according to a just-released blueprint for improvement. IMPD's plan to move forward is an unvarnished look at the department's problems, proposed solutions and successes.

"In June, July and August of this year, we had the lowest crime rate in 20 years," said Dr. Frank Straub, Director of Public Safety.

The director of public safety also touts a 13-percent reduction in violent crime and 3-percent reduction over all crime.

Beyond those numbers are at least five officers facing disciplinary or criminal charges.

"We can't take back the incidents, we have to learn from them and we have to move forward," said Straub.

The plan includes a new Professional Standards Division to oversee and investigate all the public safety divisions, not just the police; better supervision requiring sergeants to identify officers engaging in misconduct or having personal problems; new general orders and procedures including - effective immediately - Breathalyzer tests mandatory for all public safety employees involved in serious accidents, and no drinking with in 8 hours of starting work.

The plan also details changes in police recruitment, training, and the way officers do their jobs as well as greater partnerships with the community.

"Let's get to the real business of what we need to be talking about , that's youth crime, illegal guns and black on black violence," said Straub.

No doubt difficult conversations between a community and a police department fighting crime and to win the public's trust.

While some changes are immediate, others will take years to accomplish.

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