New patrols to creatively target violent crime

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Police are calling for backup to help their officers focus on a startling increase in violent crime in Indianapolis.

Two people were murdered in an ambush shooting on the east side last week. The night before, another killing took place not far away.

To combat the latest violence on the east side, IMPD Lt. Christopher Bailey says, "We will see that increased presence on East District this weekend."

"Yes, I would feel safer. I am a grieving parent. I'm a grieving mother," said Jolynn Hoskins.

Hoskins just moved to the east side from Ft. Wayne, where one year ago next Tuesday, she says, "My son was shot and he was left for dead."

The Allen County murder of 18-year-old Nathaniel Rainer was never solved. His mother wants crime prevention in her new neighborhood.

Starting Saturday night, IMPD will bring in 17 reserve officers to fill in for the regular cops on East District. That will let those regular officers hit the streets they know real well and attack specific problems.

Bailey says things like "increased traffic enforcement, the visibility of those type of things. Be out addressing prostitution details, knock and talks at suspected drug houses, surveillance, undercover."

Last year, IMPD found one in every 10 traffic stops in a trouble zone led to arrests, plus weapon and drug seizures.

"A larger police presence would certainly be a deterrent," says Rev. Charles Harrison with the anti-violence group Ten Point Coalition.

He says just stopping suspicious cars in the zone helps.

"One of the things we're going to see is they will start confiscating a lot of guns and handguns and assault rifles that may be in some of these vehicles that individuals have in there that are
committing this gun violence," Harrison said.

"Any type of security around my home and my children," Hoskins said. "Yes, yes."

While this weekend's focus is on the east side, IMPD says the saturation patrols will move to other parts of the city in coming weeks.

If you are interested in joining IMPD as a reserve officers, visit this website.