New laws take effect today

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Today is July 1, which means new laws go into effect in Indiana. One particular law allows convicted criminals to have their records wiped clean. But there is a lot of fine print involved.

A total of 300 new laws will be on the books - many you may never notice. Several will impact your daily life. Those who have been accused or convicted of some crimes will have a second chance.

This new law allows those with misdemeanor or some low level felonies, who have served their time, to wait a period of 5, 8 or 10 years. Then that record will be removed from public view. This does not include violent or sex offenders. Also police and the court system will always have access to your criminal record.

"It is after you have completed any term with probation, parole, community corrections, and you've resolved all payments that you may have to make - probation or restitution," said Scott Hohl of the Marion County Clerks's office. "It's only after all of those criteria have been completed, that clock starts for the 5, 8 or 10 years."

Among new Indiana laws that go into effect today:

--Proof of Auto Insurance can now be electronic and housed, for instance in a smart phone.

--Recycling Proof of Ownership is designed to curb thefts of copper and catalytic converters. Recyclers must show proof that they own an air conditioner coil or catalytic converter.

--Blue Alerts, similar to amber alerts, will let the public know whenever a police officer is injured or killed in their area.

There are dozens of new laws are now on the books in Indiana. We have a complete list of them here.