New law puts limits on speciality license plates

Groups like the Indiana Motor Truck Association need to sell 500 specialty plates per year.
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Indiana Governor Mike Pence may have put the state on the road to having fewer specialty license plates with a stroke of his pen.

The governor signed a bill restricting which organizations can get a plate and how many they have to sell each year.

Specialty plates are a way to show your support for an organization or a cause, kind of like a traveling billboard, but some organizations aren't selling enough of them.

"The license plate has just been a wonderful opportunity for us," said Bill Stanczykiewicz.

For Stanczykiewicz, that cause has been the Indiana Youth Institute.

"We've helped recruit more than 3,000 mentors for about 200 mentoring organizations across the state over the last few years," explained Stanczykiewicz.

Stanczykiewicz said he believes the groups specialty license plate has helped with that.

"The license plate is creating awareness and recruiting mentors and its raising funding for mentoring organizations," he said.

Now, because the group sold less than 500 plates last year, it's in danger of losing its plate. A new law just passed will require organizations to sell at least 500 plates a year.

"We're doing all we can to meet that limit and what we found it's a very saturated market," said Stanczykiewicz of how hard they have worked to sell plates.

According to the BMV, the Indiana Youth Institute is not alone. Nineteen of 92 specialty plates fell short last year of selling the 500 now required.

They are The Indiana Chiefs of Police, Grace College, Earlham College, the Teamsters, Saint Mary's College, IU Health, Trine University, Bethel College, Rotary, Indiana Tech, University of Saint Francis, Indiana University/Purdue University of Fort Wayne, Huntington University, Operating Engineers, Indiana Patriot Guard, Taylor University, and the Lewis and Clark Trust Fund.

The Indiana Motor Truck Association also fell below the 500 requirement.

"I think we sold 303 our first year, which was last year was our first year and we sold 303, which we were actually pretty excited about," said Gary Langston with the Indiana Motor Truck Association.

The money raised goes to safety awareness programs. Langston said the group is committed to reaching the new bar set by the state.

"It wouldn't be the end of the world, but it would be disappointing...but we don't anticipate that. We'll sell 500," said Langston.

Stanczykiewicz wants the same.

"We're going to do all we can to hit that new limit," he said.

The new law also limits the number of specialty plates that are available. They are now capped at 150.

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