New Ivy Tech campus opens in Noblesville


Everything old is new again. That is certainly the case for the old Noblesville High school and Middle School that opened its doors Monday as a new community college.

Jarrod Small's whole family attended when it was a high school and middle school in Noblesville. Now, it is the new home for Ivy Tech.

"Ivy Tech had a minor grasp in Hamilton County. Now they have a major grasp in Hamilton County. I think it is a great idea," Small said.

More than 1,000 students were already enrolled by the first day of classes. When the Carmel Learning Center closes down next year, that number will balloon to more than 3,000.

"There is a demand for this service, even in this county," said Ivy Tech - Noblesville President Dan Clark. "I think that demand will grow rapidly here."

It does allow students to accumulate college credit for less money. It also allows students to refine the skills that will be needed at a four year institution.

"My organizational skills aren't the best. Coming here, it helped me adjust better," Collin Krivoshia admitted.

A freshman from Noblesville, Collin wants to be a meteorologist. He is working toward admission to Ball State and ultimately a career in television.

PHOTO: Crews are already working to expand the parking lot

First thing they want to do at Ivy Tech - Noblesville is expand the parking lot to make room for potential students. They also need a new roof on the building, but all that will continue while the teaching begins.

The new Ivy Tech campus was only possible through the financial commitment of the City of Noblesville, Hamilton County, the Indiana State Legislature and Ivy Tech.