New information released in Zionsville assault

Boone Co barn assault 6pm
Boone Co women injured

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) - Relatives of Helen Fix, one of the victims found injured in her barn on Friday, are shocked and have no idea who or why someone would attack the 76-year-old woman and her caregiver.

Helen Fix is out of the hospital. Relatives say she is doing okay.

The caregiver was more seriously injured. Police say her condition has improved from critical to stable. They are not identifying the 41-year-old woman.

At a news conference Monday, police said the two women were out for a walk when they were attacked by someone wearing a ski-mask.

Police say the suspect sexually assaulted the caregiver.

Fix’s relatives describe the caregiver as "sweet and lovable."

Sheriff Mike Nielsen and his deputies continue their investigation in the brutal attack on two women. Investigators from both the Sheriff’s office and Zionsville Police are working on the case together.

Crime scene investigators returned to Fix's house Sunday, giving it a second look, The house is also a crime scene, and sealed shut. There are no apparent signs of a break-in.

They plan to work non-stop to find the person responsible for injuring the two women found in a barn.

Deputies found Fix injured inside her backyard barn Friday. They also located her injured 41-year-old caregiver.

Nielsen said, “Boone County: We do have some leads and we are looking for some people”.

The Sheriff immediately started updating their investigation on his departments Facebook page.

The victim lives on US 421 just north of Zionsville where she and her caregiver were found injured.

Sheriff Neilson has a list of people they are looking for, and indicated that they were trying to locate the caregiver's relatives to tell them about the attack.

Police have answered eight previous emergency calls to same location, including a call where deputies stood by after a domestic disturbance.

“A domestic standby is when there is something that could be girlfriend, boyfriend, could be family problems or anything were we are called to the scene to standby to make sure peace is kept during that time period,” Nielsen explained.

Fix's relatives were surprised to learn of those domestic runs to her house.

Nielsen is confident whoever is responsible for the attacks will soon be sitting in the Boone County Jail.

Right now the sheriff is giving updates on the investigation over social media. He also welcomes anyone to come forward if they have information on this case.

Police said their most recent visit to the address was for an investigation on March 6, 2017.

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