New incentive for buying energy-saving appliances

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Emily Longnecker/Eyewitness News     

This is the time of year when you hope your furnace is working and when summer finally returns, you hope your air conditioner runs right.
Now a new program starts February 1st that could save Hoosiers money on the appliances they buy.
The new government rebate program will help Hoosiers who want to buy appliances with an Energy Star Rating.

"Furnaces, boilers, central air, and air loop and ground geo thermal units," explains Eric Burch with the Indiana Office of Energy Development.

Hoosiers can get 500 dollars back when they buy those appliances with Energy Star ratings.  There's a thousand dollar rebate for going with a geo thermal unit.

"It makes it easier for Hoosiers to make the leap from just replacing the furnace to replacing it with a more efficient energy star,"  said Burch.

So what's the big deal with an Energy Star Rating? Why do appliances with the rating cost more than those without?

"They use less fuel consumption so we're able to lower their utility costs,"  explains Chris Cunningham with Service Plus Heating and Air Conditioning.

Cunningham expects the rebate program will mean better business for him.

"An additional 500-dollars would be excellent,"  says Cunningham who says his business is up in part thanks to tax incentives last year from the government to buy energy efficient appliances

Money back, says Cunningham, means good news for his customers bottom line and good news for his.

Indiana gets 6 million dollars from the Federal Government for the program.

"This is not a cash for clunkers program at all.  That was very different,"  explains Burch.

The rebate program is on a first come first serve basis, so once that 6 million dollars is gone, that's it. 

"Whether it's 90 days, whether its 6 months, we can't tell," says Burch.

For more information on the rebate program, how to qualify, go to