New I-69 exit numbers explained

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Familiar territory along I-69 is about to undergo a major change.  All the exits along the interstate will be re-numbered starting next month.

Right now, the zero mile marker is at I-465 where 69 begins on the northeast side of Indianapolis.

But as the I-69 extension is built to connect Evansville to Indianapolis, federal regulations require the zero mile marker to begin in southern Indiana.

For many years, drivers have come to know certain exits with certain numbers.  For instance, 116th street and all its businesses and neighborhoods are now associated with Exit 5. Hamilton Town Center, the outdoor concert venue now called Klipsch Music Center is Exit 10.

But that's all about to change, not only impacting drivers as they try to navigate, but emergency responders, who will have to update their software to reflect the new numbers.

Some businesses using the exits as a form of address will have to make changes to directions posted on their websites and letterhead.

INDOT wants to make the transition as smooth as possible, so today at 8 a.m. at the Fishers Train Station, there is a public meeting to inform the public about the changes, "To let these businesses know our plan and our plan for transition going forward," said INDOT's Nathan Riggs. "We will immediately renumber the exits, but we are also leaving the existing numbers up for at least three years up to five years. So they do have some time to make that transition - the advertising, the stationary, whatever their adjustment might be."

The new signs will start going up in August, to be complete in October. So while you will see a new sign with a new number, you will still see a placard on the sign that says "Old Exit 5" for example.

INDOT plans to renumber the exits starting from the south and moving north.

"We rounded that off a little bit and federal highway has worked with us to make that a square rounded number," Riggs said. "So mile marker 5, for instance, at exit five will now be Exit 205. So if you have any questions, just add 200 to it, and we've tried to make that as simple as possible."

Hopefully that new numbering system is as least confusing to you as possible.