New house opened for cancer patients treated in Indianapolis

New house opened for cancer patients treated in Indianapolis
The SON Foundation's new house opened in the 1300 block of N. Pennsylvania Street Saturday, August 9, 2014 (WTHR photo)

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be traumatizing enough, but the financial stress of travel expenses and lost wages during treatment can be overwhelming.

Now, there's a new housing option for patients and their families while at the IU Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis.

Created by the "SON Foundation," the house is on the 1300 block of North Pennsylvania Street. It will function like a hotel, but will also have community living and dining areas so that families can connect with each other.

"They are facing so many trails just going through cancer diagnosis, with chemotherapy and all of the emotional stress that that causes on them, we'd like to alleviate that financial burden if we can," explained Denise Jacobson, founder and executive director of the SON Foundation.

Guests are asked to pay $15 a night at the SON Foundation House, but guests who cannot pay will not be turned away.