New campaign encourages smart choices for prom safety

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It is prom season again in Indiana and with the excitement of dressing up for the big night comes a warning to stay safe by making smart choices.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Safety launched a new campaign Friday, reminding students to think twice before drinking, doing drugs or texting while driving.

Posters will be put up at high schools showing the consequences of a bad choice, which include going to the hospital or prison.

"A lot of people don't get this message from their parents who may be involved in illegal activities. They don't take precautions to tell their children things like don't drink and drive, don't smoke or don't behave inappropriately in a car because you may injure someone else," said Kiara Patton, student.

This message is coming at a good time. One-third of alcohol related accidents each year involving teens occur around prom and high school graduation, which are about a month apart.

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