New bird exhibit debuts at Indianapolis Zoo


Starting this weekend, you can experience the wonders of the sky at a new exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo. It's your chance to get up close and personal with hundreds of exotic birds.

The new exhibit Flights of Fancy allows visitors to see and, in some cases, touch 700 exotic birds.

"I think the kids will love this experience as well as the parents.This is just one of two feeding experiences that the public can have while they're here at the zoo in this area," said Lynne Villers, Curator of Encounters and Forests.

Guests can have the birds actually land on them while in one of the five aviaries. You'll get a chance to have a "nose-to-beak" experience as you walk through the exhibit.

Thanks to Riley Hospital, mothers who are nursing have a place to take care of the little ones in the nursing mom's nest.

"Great, because a lot of nursing moms, you have to stop and cover up and take time out of your day and go find somewhere 'cause there usually isn't anywhere to go. All they had before was a restroom so it does help out a lot especially for new moms," said Cassidy Miller, zoo visitor.

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