New Albany man agonizes over deaths of wife, children

The bodies of a woman and her two children were found in a creek in New Albany last week.

The man whose wife and children were found dead in a New Albany park last week is speaking about his loss.

The discovery of 35-year-old Jamie Clutter and her children was made in a creek at Binford Park last Wednesday. While police say they are not looking for a suspect, the dad doesn't believe his wife could have killed herself or their children.

Michael Clutter is finding it hard to accept that his wife, his 10-year-old son Brandon and six-month-old daughter Kaitlyn are gone. Their naked bodies were found less than a mile away from their New Albany apartment.

"I wish I...somehow...I can get them back. I mean, everything I would give away. Everything I have just to get them back," Michael said.

Michael says he and Jamie were married for 12 years.

"My wife was just a very sweet person and she was the best mother to the kids that anyone could ever have," he said.

He is trying to figure out what happened after he left for work, with his wife and their children at home.

"I wish I would have stayed home and maybe prevented all of this from happening," Michael said. "And I know that's something I'm never gonna know."

Details about the deaths are still very limited. Investigators found a Bible and a baby harness hanging from a tree near where the bodies were discovered.

The coroner ruled the children had drowned, but the cause of Jamie's death is still pending a toxicology screen. Investigators say those results could take several more weeks to come in.

"I wouldn't rule out a murder-suicide, however, it's too early to conclude that's how this tragedy happened," said Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson.

But Michael doesn't believe his wife could have killed their children or herself. He also doesn't understand how or why they were killed.

"I cannot think of any enemies whatsoever that any one of us could have ever had to have a tragedy like this happen," he said.

Investigators are investigating those closest to the family. Clutter says he would give anything to have his family back.

"I miss them really bad," he said.