Nerves rattled by Columbus explosions

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On normally peaceful Sycamore St. and in another Columbus neighborhood nearby, the quiet is shattered by explosions.

"I heard two blasts together," says Barbara Griffiths.

Others told us it sounded "like a bomb or some kind of fireworks."

Over the last few days, the blasts near downtown sparked up to twenty calls to police.

They may have been hearing powerful fireworks, Columbus police say.

"My mom called and asked me if I heard the explosion," says Dustin Foster. It caused damage to the house across the street.

"Holes in the wall, burns in the pavement," said Griffiths, about damage to the vacant house.

A couple of blocks away, a man showed us "the hole where it blew up. They threw it under the car. It ripped the plastic and the rust right off the car," he said.

"It had too many sparks to be a cigarette," says the friend of one witness who saw fireworks thrown from a car.

Police say they could be mortar-type fireworks. Instead of firing into the air, they may have been set off horizontally.

"The first blast we heard shook the house," says a neighbor. "We headed into the alley."

With a house and a car hit, people are concerned if they are at risk.

"I have three kids, so yeah I'm concerned," Natisha Hendricks told us. 

Worried, too, is Griffiths. "That could have seriously hurt somebody yesterday."

If you have information that could help investigators, call the Columbus Police Department.