Neighbors, strangers aid in tornado recovery

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As the sun sets in Henryville, much has changed recently. The trees and open land that brought Laurie Lynch and her family to the country have changed.

"I think it is going very be challenging, and a lot of work for a lot of time," said Lynch. "We have tons of help and we have a good start, lots and lots of help."

She stopped along the road after seeing what she thought was her son's suitcase. Turns out she was right. She is also  looking for anything else the storm carried off and deposited at will. With that, her luck is running out, but not her spirit.

"It will still be good because God will make sure that his plan is carried out," she said. "Nothing is for nothing. This is for a reason."

From the outside, it looks like most everyone along this road has had their lives destroyed. Not so.

"Our church has really, really helped us out a whole lot," Lynch said. She friends and strangers alike have offered to help, some carrying chainsaws.

Most of the volunteers have been working in town. Out in the country, the damage is just as bad and in some cases, worse.