Neighbors remember Carmel fire victims

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A neighborhood is mourning the loss of a father and son killed in a house fire in Carmel. It happened Thursday along Auman Drive East, not far from the Mohawk Hills Golf Course.

Neighbors have left candles along with flowers to remember the two lives lost.

"We are a close neighborhood," said neighbor Sandy Sanders.

Residents remember 26-year-old James Shiel and his 2-year-old son Andrew who were killed in the fire.

"It's quite a tragedy for us, but people will live on because of him," Sanders said.

The father is an organ donor, helping others in need long after his passing.

"That's just a wonderful thing to be able to have done is to be able to help other people to live on," Sanders said.

You could say help is a common theme in this neighborhood.

Thursday morning as the fire roared, a neighbor noticed the flames and called 911 while also alerting Andi Wilson's husband who tried to knock down the door to rescue the father and son.

"He's haunted because he couldn't get in. But we also know that all the ‘maybes' and the ‘what if's' aren't going to do any good," Wilson said. "The reminder will always be there, whether the house is there or not, but it has made a lot of changes in our life in how we handle things."

The Wilson's have practiced their escape plan with their young children as they turn to their faith to heal them and the Shiel family.

"We have God and we pray a lot and our children pray and we believe that God will give us the strength to get through this," she said.

Strength is just part of the Shiel's legacy.

"Very rarely did we see him frustrated with anything, but when he was with his son it was always joy and it was a type of love that you envy of a father with his son," Wilson said.

Funeral arrangements for the two are pending. The Shiel family released a statement that says in part, "We find peace in knowing that James will live on in others and he and Andy will have each other in eternal life."

This fire brings another plea from firefighters to make sure there are working smoke detectors installed in your home. Investigators say they didn't find any in the Shiel's home.