Neighbors, police concerned about violent outbreak

Police investigate the scene of Monday night's shooting.
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Overnight violence on Indy's northwest side left three dead and others injured as bullets went flying through a neighborhood, even striking an innocent young girl.

Metro police officers rushed to Lake Manor Drive, where they found a chaotic crime scene and frantic neighbors.

Tuesday morning, bullet holes could be found in a mailbox of one house, the front door of another and the siding of yet another home. It's part of the damage left behind from Monday's shooting that left three people dead, including 34-year-old Stranger Dunn and 33-year-old Esker Dodson-Walker.

As one of the first to build a home in the neighborhood, Nicole Lissade says she's never seen violence like this.

"No matter what's going on, the people who died did not deserve to die. I think we should make sure that we pray for the family," Lissade said.

Crime lab workers and detectives searched several yards for more shell cases, including a yard where a bullet went through the wall and grazed a 10-year-old girl.

Even IMPD Northwest District Commander Dawn Snyder fears it could have been someone in her own family hit by gunfire.

"A 10-year old being shot, how was she shot? How did that happen? You are not doing anything wrong, so it's very upsetting to me, as well as all the officers.

Pastor Charles Finnel, who lives nearby, stresses it's time for families to take responsibility about stopping the violence.

"Each time a life is taken, somebody's life is taken, somebody's hurting," he said. "They just need to think before they get into this gunplay that has become so prevalent in our city."

A fourth person was shot and killed in an unrelated incident at W. 41st Street and Boulevard Place late Monday. Police believe the 20-year-old male victim was shot during a home invasion robbery.