Neighbors, onlookers drawn in by Columbus plane crash


The plane crash in a Columbus neighborhood is drawing plenty of attention, including that of curious onlookers.

"They'll be here tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday. Everybody wants to see what's going on," said Marion Clavin of the endless stream of visitors through the Columbus's Broadmoor housing addition Thursday night.

They came in cars, on bikes, on foot, many taking pictures of the wreckage from a small plane that crashed into a home on Broadmoor Lane Thursday morning around 9:30 after taking off from the Columbus Municipal Airport.

"It was a disaster. You could see flames shooting out of both sides," said neighbor Melissa Snyder. "We just heard a loud explosion. You could see the black smoke."

Witnesses reported hearing the plane sputter, then come low over the neighborhood and finally hit a home, exploding into flames.

Amazingly, a woman inside the home wasn't hurt.

"Small airplane crashed into the house, my house," explained Hiroko Nakao, a Japanese immigrant, who said her husband was not home at the time of the crash.

"I'm glad she got out okay. To look at the house, it''s a miracle," said neighbor Tonia Roop.

A work crew in the area saw the smoke and tried to help the two men in the plane, both badly burned.

"It's just a miracle that they're alive. It really is," said Clavin.

"It's just, I mean, God was with them," added Roop.

By late afternoon, neighbors of the crash site were just thankful to be allowed back into their homes.

"Yes, it has been a long day. My missus is pretty wore out," said Clavin, who spent the day with his wheelchair-bound wife at a friend's home.

Police had blocked off the neighborhood for several hours following the crash, while investigators combed the scene for evidence into what happened. A search Columbus police said could continue at least for the next day or so.