Neighbors of latest shooting victim open to mayor's anti-violence plan


A man was shot after answering a late night knock on the door on Wednesday night.

Darrell King, 44, was shot in the chest at his home in the 3000 block of Campbell Avenue near the intersection of 30th and Arlington on the northeast side, according to police.

Investigators said King heard someone knocking at the door and went to answer it. A woman who was also at the home at the time said she heard gunshots after King answered the door.

The shots were loud enough that a neighbor heard them as well.

"It was just, 'pop, pop, pop, pop pop, pop.' The next thing I knew, I saw all the police coming up and I heard somebody had been shot," said Christopher Ward.

King was taken to Eskenazi Hospital. At last check, he was listed in serious condition.

He later described the suspect as a man wearing a hoodie. A witness told police they saw a man in his 20's running from the scene but no arrests have been made.

Investigators hope to learn more from King about why someone would knock on his door and open fire.

The shooting came less than 24 hours after Mayor Greg Ballard announced his new anti-violence plan meant to help stop black-on-black crime, in particular. People who live in King's neighborhood have had their fair share of crime, so any help is welcomed, especially when it seems the violence is right next door.

"Much of this violence is robbing us of an entire generation of men of color," Ballard said.

Thursday, the mayor announced the city's partnership with social service organizations to fight crime. As police try to figure out why and who shot King, it's violence his neighbors consider too close to home.

"You usually don't hear about that happening around here, you know? You hear every once in a while somebody getting robbed. I am not really worried about it just I won't open the door that late at night that is for sure," Ward said.

City leaders hope people in neighborhoods fighting a problem with violence, especially parents looking to prevent crime, will take advantage of services at the 211 information line.

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