Neighbors help nab Fishers burglary suspects

Joshua Brown

Residents of a Fishers neighborhood helped police capture a pair of burglary suspects Wednesday.

Police received calls of men walking behind homes in the Cherry Hill Farms neighborhood around 10 a.m. Wednesday. Officers met a homeowner who reported seeing the men walking behind a neighbor's home. The homeowner gave police a description of the men and told police which direction they were last seen traveling.

Officers located the two men a short time later and began an initial investigation. As they identified the men, police discovered they were in possession of stolen property.

"This arrest today is the direct result of a neighbor paying attention and calling us as soon as they recognized these two suspicious men in the neighborhood," said Ofc. Tom Weger, Fishers Police.

The suspects, 33-year-old Joshua Brown of Westfield and 29-year-old Matthew Cleary of Noblesville, were taken to the Hamilton County Jail on felony burglary charges. Investigators will determine if additional charges may be filed.

"We like to think that, along with us, all of us, we are looking out for one another and anytime we see someone irregular or someone in the neighborhood we don't see all the time, you get concerned," said neighbor Dave Strausser.

Strausser wasn't kidding. One of the neighbors even called the police on an Eyewitness News crew Wednesday night. The caller thought the crew was with WTHR, but wanted to make sure.

"That is good. We want that," Strausser said.

Police say Brown and Cleary may be suspects in at least two more residential burglaries in Fishers. Police in every town in Hamilton County, plus the sheriff's department, also want to talk to them.

"You are always concerned. We have the front door that has storm door locks in two places, deadbolts on everything. We have a big dog inside, we like to think we deter anyone from coming in," Strausser said.

Fishers police on Tuesday reported three daytime burglaries over the past four days in various neighborhoods. It is not yet known if the men arrested Wednesday are suspected in those crimes.