Neighbors deeply affected by IMPD murder-suicide

Police at the scene of Thursday's murder suicide, taken by neighbor Grant Price.

The murder-suicide that left two IMPD officers has deeply affected residents of the west Indianapolis neighborhood where the shooting occurred.

Sgt. Ryan Anders broke into his ex-wife's home near W. 21st Street and Country Club Road. He fatally shot her before turning the gun on himself.

Investigators were still at the scene late into the night Thursday, but all was quiet along Inishmore Court. You wouldn't know that a tragedy had unfolded earlier, if not for the police cars lining the streets and crime scene tape surrounding the area - obvious signs of a crime scene investigation.

But some neighbors were there when it unfolded. They watched as police cars, one after the other, sped down their street to a house at the end of the road. Police officers emerged, some with their guns drawn.

"We had just driven up and there were a couple of police officers out in that front yard and they were kind of waving people off," said Grant Price.

That is when Price realized something was very wrong.

"I went out there to see what was going on and saw that they were hushing people back and had their hands on their hips and so I told the neighbors to get in and had my daughter get in the house. It was just scary," he said.

Price says neighbors closest to the house officers were focused on were evacuated right before a SWAT team came in.

"We could see 'em in the back on the tree line and they were just watching the house and on the front they were kind of watching the house," Price said.