Neighbors come together after violent break-in

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A north Indianapolis neighborhood is coming together after a violent break-in and assault earlier this week.

The Windcombe neighborhood is a place where people move to raise their families.

"This neighborhood is like a family. We've known a lot of these people for 20-plus years," said husband and father Mike Gamage.

This week, though, it was a neighborhood Gamage didn't recognize after his neighbors were broken into, robbed and assaulted.

"They could have picked any neighborhood on the north side," said Gamage.

They didn't, though. The suspects picked Windcombe.

"You kind of feel like you've been violated, because this is our home," Gamage explained.

Protecting it is now the new focus.

"At this point, whatever it takes to keep everybody safe and if it takes involvement and time, that's what we're going to do," said Gamage.

Just down the street, Windcombe's Neighborhood Association President Paul Forbes has been a busy man this week.

"We can't keep our guards down," said Forbes.

Forbes has taken calls from neighbors about police arresting suspects in the case.

"I had more phone calls today than I had when this happened," said Forbes. "Just people saying, 'Thank God. This is great news.'"

People have been asking what comes next for keeping this neighborhood safe.

"I think everybody's going to be much more involved from this point on," said Forbes.

What that looks like isn't certain. One thing is, though. Going forward for everyone in Windcombe.

"This is their home and I don't think they're going to let this happen again," said Forbes.