Neighbors come to rescue of Noblesville man under attack


He's the go-to guy at Tall Timbers Mobile Home Park in Noblesville.  

"He's the maintenance man," said resident Jeremiah Deane. "You can call him whenever and he'll be over to fix whatever.  I mean help you with anything.  He's just that type of guy."  

So when neighbors heard loud noises coming from the maintenance man's trailer Saturday night, "Heard banging on the door.  Stuff getting thrown around and they come busting out," said neighbor Michael Grubaugh, describing seeing the maintenance man and another younger man rolling around on the ground outside.

Police said 24-year-old Chad McClellan broke into the maintenance man's home and attacked him. According to witnesses, McClellan had a taser and a lead pipe. 

"He's an elderly man, and for a young guy to attack him like that..." said Deane, shaking his head in disgust.

Neighbors jumped in to help, not knowing if the suspect was armed or if they'd get hurt.

"It didn't even cross my mind," Deane recalled. "It just crossed my mind to help him cause he was yelling help, so that's what we did."

"There's no way anybody should let anything like that happen," added Grubaugh. 

These folks didn't.  They not only stopped the attack on their neighbor, they called 911, chased the suspect when he tried to get away, and held him until police got there. 

"He came out here to steal and, you know, do something wrong when that man works hard for his money. So you don't do things like that," said Deane. 

It's a lesson Deane said he'll pass on to his young sons, along with another lesson.

"Do what's right.  Stand up for what you believe in," said Deane.

Especially when the time comes to help a friend in need.