Neighborhood potholes filled

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In a "residential blitz" Saturday, the city's Department of Public Works assigned 16 crews to neighborhoods across the city to plug potholes.

Public Works spokesperson Lesley Gordon said, "It's been a harsh winter and we've been focusing on major thoroughfares, but this weekend we're [tackling] residential streets."

Besides DPW crews, private contractors were also out hitting the pavement. Gordon said they were trying to catch up with the 100-to-150 calls they're getting each day on potholes. In a typical year, she said they average 10-20 calls a day.

"I think it's great," said Keith Barkdull, a resident of one of the neighborhoods helped out Saturday. "I know it's been a tough battle but they're doing a good job out there."

Angie Miller, who also lives in the area, was also happy to see crews working. She said she'd been doing a lot of swerving and dodging to avoid all the holes.

Gordon said Saturday's blitz would get up to 600 service requests knocked out, on top of the more than 11,000 filled since December. Even so, she said there are still 3,000 requests left to go with the list still growing.

"Obviously, it's been an expensive winter season and it's carried into pothole season and we're now just over $1 million including labor," said Gordon.

That's on top of the $14 million the city's spent on snow removal - the most expensive year on record. The average cost since 2008 has been $5.2 million.

You can submit a request for a pothole in your neighborhood on the RequestIndy website.