Neighbor: "We were an inch from being killed" during officer shootout

Nearly half a dozen rounds flew into Carol Stone's home Saturday night. This is her closet door, where many of them landed.
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The exchange of gunfire Saturday night took place right in front of Carol Stone's home near 34th Street and Forest Manor Avenue.

Her brown one story home sits on the other side of the alley where police say Major Davis, Junior shot and killed 22 year IMPD veteran Officer Perry Renn.

Carol Stone considers herself lucky to be alive.

"We were an inch from being killed," she said Sunday.

Her closet door shows nearly half a dozen bullet holes that landed inside from the shooting.

"It's just too close for comfort you know too close to see all that," she said.

It all started when she heard fireworks just after 9:00 pm Saturday.

She and her two sons went into the back bedroom to escape the noise; a move that likely saved their lives.

"About ten minutes later I heard a loud boom come through my window and I said a lot I said oh my god what's going on and I could smell the residue of the gunpowder," Stone said.

"We were just sitting in the bedroom watching TV and the Lord just kept us in there until everything was over," Stone said.

Carol and her family came out of the bedroom and noticed the shattered glass in their front door. That's when they decided it was time to get out after fearing for their own safety.

"We went out the side door and I came around this way and that's when I saw the officer laying down over there and I said oh my god what's going on," Stone said.

Now the day after the chaos, she and her family are cleaning up.

They put up a Do Not Enter sign on their front door which has shattered glass as they wait to hear from their insurance company.

"I've been living here for 26 years and this has never happened to us before. It was a blessing from the Lord and the miracle that we didn't get killed we came an inch from getting killed I'm glad the Lord protected us," Stone said.

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