Neighbor says Purdue shooting suspect "was never violent"

Cody Cousins
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A man who knows the Purdue shooting suspect says he was the kind of person who liked to argue and play devil's advocate, but was not a man capable of murder.

Late Tuesday afternoon, police served a search warrant at suspected shooter Cody Cousins' apartment.

"We just saw a bomb squad go in there and raid the house after they got everybody out of there," said neighbor Darin Newton.

Police said they only used the bomb squad as a precaution.

They're looking for anything that could explain why Cousins ended up on the ground in police handcuffs after allegedly shooting fellow student Andrew Boldt in a basement classroom in the Electrical Engineering Building.

"A sad, tragic day for the Purdue community," said Purdue Police Chief John Cox.

Police are saying little about possible motive or if there was any trouble between the two young men.

"Was he worried about this man for any reason?" Eyewitness News asked the chief.

"We don't have that information right now. That's part of the history that we're going to develop," Cox said.

Police say Cousins walked out of the building and gave himself up after the shooting. Initially uncooperative, they say he's been more helpful.

But why did the Warsaw, Indiana and Centerville, Ohio native allegedly fire 4-5 shots in the classroom at a fellow student who is also a teaching assistant?

Cousins' landlord calls him a clean-cut guy, well-organized.

"That's the thing. He never showed us a gun, talked about a gun, was violent. He was always...there was no indication that he would ever, like, snap or do anything physical," said neighbor Tom Novak. "I've seen him intoxicated, too, and he was never violent, you know."

School officials are quick to point out there was no attempted mass shooting.

"We have developed information through several witnesses that the victim appeared to have been targeted by the suspect and it was no more or no less than that," Cox said. "It was not an active shooter incident where we just had someone randomly coming on to the campus and injuring our students faculty and staff."