Neighbor arrested in string of Greenwood burglaries

Chris Aubuchon was arrested for at least four burglaries.
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One arrest this week cracked the case in a number of crimes in Greenwood.

Police say 39-year-old Chris Aubuchon is responsible for nearly a half-dozen home break-ins. Investigators are tracking down victims from a mounting pile of evidence.

"It's staggering to see how much one person can steal," said Greenwood Police Assistant Chief Matt Fillenwarth.

Piles upon piles of televisions, computers, tools and more, were taken in the break-ins.

"The damage that this guy's done is just insurmountable," Fillenwarth said.

"It hurts. It really hurts," said Dennis Ecker, one of the victims and one of Aubuchon's neighbors.

Ecker's property is back home, but his sense of security is gone.

"My daughter's scared that somebody was in her home," he said.

Aubuchon was arrested on burglary charges after his wife turned him in. She called Greenwood police about a stolen handgun, but once inside the house, police found evidence from many more break-ins.

"Found out most of the stuff in the house had been stolen," Fillenwarth said. "He was spending more time stealing this stuff and selling it than he was at his regular full-time job."

That's not even all of it. Police say Aubuchon used one of the stolen laptops to advertise other stolen items and sell them on Craigslist.

"It looks like he came in through this door here and damaged it," Ecker said.

Police say the suspect used a crowbar to break into homes in Greenwood. Ecker had televisions, guns and tools taken while he was away on vacation.

"Was he watching our house? I would surmise that he was," Ecker said. "When the detective called us and said, 'We caught him and we have your stuff,' I could have fell over. I was shocked."

Equally shocking to police, the sheer number of stolen items and list of victims that keeps growing.

"It just keeps snowballing," Fillenwarth said.

Greenwood police say they're still finding more evidence and stolen items in the suspect's home. Aubuchon faces four burglary charges now, but investigators expect that number to grow.