Nearly a month later, Christmas package still in transit

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This journey began when she dropped off a package at the post office on December 1, sending it by Priority Mail.

It was a new baby gift, some outfits. It was going from Carmel, 46032, to a friend's granddaughter in Denver, 80238. It was due to be delivered by December 3.

But postal service customer Jane Gooliak says December 3 came and went and her package had not arrived.

Jane checked the online USPS tracking page every day, but no luck.

"I just want this package delivered to Denver," Jane says.

Instead, tracking shows it went from Carmel to Indy, to Harrisburg, PA and to Shippensburg, PA.

"It actually has been in Denver three different times, but not delivered," says Jane.

From Denver to Philadelphia, PA. Then back to Indy. Back to Harrisburg. And Denver again.

Then Philly again and back to Denver. By then it was three days before Christmas. So close, yet so far...

Then it left Denver for the Sunshine State. It was last tracked in sunny Jacksonville, FL, just as Indiana got pounded with snow.

"I would like for her to get the gift as soon as possible," said Jane, frustrated.

It apparently started as a clerical error. Jane says she was mailing two packages at the same time. One for Denver, the other for Shippensburg. She didn't realize it at the time, but both were apparently coded to the Shippensburg address by accident.

Despite her complaints to the post office, no one's been able to intercept the package and get it rerouted. Jane says she'd be fine if they just sent it back to her.

"And then I would use FedEx or UPS," she said.

Tonight, the postal service told us it wants to find that package and will look into the issue.

And Jane told us she will, in the future, look at her receipt before she leaves the post office. She discovered later the receipt said the package was bound for Shippensburg instead of Denver.