NCAA grad rate hits all-time high at 82 percent

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INDIANAPOLIS - College athletes are still breaking records in the classroom.

The NCAA's latest graduation success rate, released Tuesday, shows 82 percent of all athletes entering school in the fall of 2004 earned degrees within six years. That's three percentage points higher than the previous best one-year mark of 79 percent.

The four-year measurement for freshmen entering college between 2001 and 2004 also hit 80 percent for the first time. The previous record, 79 percent, was set two years ago and matched last year. Federal rates, which do not include transfer students, also show athletes graduating at a record rate of 65 percent -- two percentage points better than the overall student body.

Baseball made the biggest one-year jump, from 69.6 percent in last year's report to 77.4 percent this year.

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