NBOM-e victim's mom speaks

Samuel Motsay, 16, was found dead at a friend's house May 11. A synthetic drug was found at his side.
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Center Grove sophomore Samuel Motsay loved sports, he loved his family and he loved life.

That love was cut short earlier this month when he was found dead at a friend's Greenwood home May 11 - Mother's Day. A dangerous synthetic drug called NBOM-e was found at his side.

"I don't want another parent to learn the way I did," Samuel's mother Jeanine Motsay said Thursday. "I know there are other athletes out there, academic honor students, other tenor sax players; I just want them to know it could happen to them as well and we have to prevent it."

Jeanine wants to learn about the drug but is concerned that it is being marketed as undetectable which can give kids a false sense of security. Three men have been arrested for supplying the drugs so for now, she wants to wait and see what answers the legal system will bring.

"Our life is different. Very different," she observed. "We don't know what life is beyond the current day, beyond the current minute....Sometimes it doesn't seem real and it seems like he will walk in the door or I will look out the kitchen window and he will be playing at the basketball hoop but that is not going to happen, so I am trying to mourn and become a stronger person."

One of the three arrested in this case, Zachary Catron, was scheduled to appear in court for a bond hearing Friday morning.

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