Natural solutions for allergy relief

Natural solutions for allergy relief
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Many people are suffering from allergies this time of year. If you find yourself sneezing and feeling itchy, there are ways to get relief.

For those with ragweed allergies, this is the most miserable time of the year. Reporter Monica Robins reached out to her Facebook fans and asked them for their home remedies.

Billy swears by organic apple cider vinegar. You can get it at any health store, drink a couple of tablespoons followed by a juice chaser three times a day.

However, Cleveland Clinic allergy experts say there is no scientific evidence that supports it, nor is there scientific support for the raw local wildflower honey that Lori uses even though she says her doctor said it should work best because she's now immune to prescription allergy pills.

What does work? Close the windows, turn on the A/C if you have it and use an air cleaner with a Hepa filter. Laureen says she wipes her face with a wet cloth and rinses out her nose with a wet tissue. Doctors agree with those steps. They also advise taking a shower before bed and washing hair, especially if it's long, and routinely wash bed sheets in blankets in hot water. A neti pot may also help, but be sure to use distilled water with a salt solution.

Sunglasses may help decrease itchy eyes and consider wearing a mask when mowing.

If you choose to use an over the counter medication, doctors say the non-drowsy antihistamines work well for sneezing and itching, but they won't have much effect on congestion.

Finally, Carrie attacked her problem at the root. She learned to identify ragweed and makes a concerted effort to weed it away. She thinks that helps.

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