National Weather Service assesses storm damage in Greene, Hamilton Counties

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The National Weather Service says it has not been able to confirm any tornado touchdowns in Greene County Tuesday. Severe storms moved through the area, prompting a tornado warning last night. The NWS says it confirmed funnel clouds, but no touchdowns.

Many central Indiana residents are spending the day cleaning up after Tuesday's storms. In Fishers, there were reports of damage to homes and trees knocked down. The National Weather Service will also be assessing damage there to determine if straight line winds caused the damage.

There were also reports last night of winds over 40 mph in Hamilton County. Tom Sivak with the Hamilton County Emergency Management Agency says there are several things they will be looking at later today.

"There's a couple of things we're looking at. First is path; the pathway of damage. That's kind of hard right now at night, that's why we're coming back out to assess in the morning. There's not much damage to houses, that's another thing we're looking for: missing shingles, twisted trees, anything like that. We've seen just a couple of them in the neighborhood," said Sivak.

Putnam County reported heavy downpours Tuesday night, but authorities there say there was no significant damage.