Murder trial hearing delayed

Ronald Davis

Indianapolis - A murder case involving IMPD Officer David Bisard is under the microscope.

Attorneys for the man accused in the 2008 Hovey Street murders are questioning Officer Bisard's condition at the time of the investigation.

A hearing set for 11:00 am Tuesday was cancelled due to a procedural issue. Any request for records requires 15 days advance notice. The motion was just filed days ago, so the hearing was rescheduled for September 17th.

Defense attorneys for murder suspect Ronald Davis have requested virtually every record available concerning Officer David Bisard. He was one of the first responders to a home on Hovey Street where in January 2008 two adults and two children were shot to death during an apparent robbery.

Attorneys for Davis have questioned Bisard's credibility in accurately depicting the crime scene.

In the motion that was filed, there is speculation that Bisard has a long-standing addiction to alcohol which may have impaired his ability to conduct his law enforcement responsibilities.

Bisard is charged in connection with an August 6th crash involving his police vehicle which killed Eric Wells and critically injured two others. Bisard tested .19 for blood alcohol content two hours after the crash, but DUI-related charges were dropped on a technicality.

"I'm not gonna speculate on the chance that I do think is created by the defense - certainly speculative in terms of what occurred two years ago. I don't think there's any evidence to support their motion at this time," said David Wyser, Marion County Chief Deputy Prosecutor.