Muncie woman's family baffled by her disappearance

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Her missing person fliers still hang on the door at a Shelby Street grocery. Maybe it will open the door to the mystery about the whereabouts of Ashley Morris Mullis.

"I answer every single call that comes in," said Debbie Sidwell, Ashley's aunt.

It's been more than a hundred days since the young mother of three disappeared from the Muncie area. Her family is not giving up.

When she disappeared, Ashley left the children, aged 5, 2 and a newborn, behind with their fathers.

Police are still investigating whether foul play is involved. "Mothers don't leave their babies at Christmas," Sidwell said. "They don't just disappear."

There was a reported sighting around Garfield Park In Indianapolis several weeks ago. That prompted missing persons signs there, too. But Sidwell doubts the sightings were real.

At Garfield Park recently, Tim Edwards told us doesn't know about Ashley but knows about missing daughters. The flier on his truck window is for his daughter, Jessica Masker, the mother of a four-year-old son who is having a rough holiday.

"Christmas, no mom," says Edwards. He gives us her flier to pass along to others.

"We love Ashley," says Sidwell. "We love you, please, we just want her home."

Before her disappearance, an arrest warrant went out for Ashley for animal neglect. Her family told us they don't think she would have left over that.

The family is pleading for any tips.

"We just need to know where Ashley is or what's going on," Sidwell said. "We need her home. We need her with her family."

If you have any information about Ashley Morris Mullis, call the Muncie Police Department or Indiana State Police.